Šank rock

Stage Zlatorog

After their exclusive performance at the festival Pivo in Cvetje 2014, Šank rock decided for a new »restart«, which later also brought them the new hit and album Restart. Our festival music director Urban Centa gave them the final push by connecting them with the guitar player Steve Stevens.

Matjaž Jelen (vocals), Bor Zuljan (guitar), Cveto Polak (bass), Roman Ratej (drums) and Sašo Gačnik (keyboards) announced with another few concerts that a new continuation of the band is coming. “To our older fans, we are nostalgic because we remind them of their youth; and to the younger ones, we are interesting because we play different music than today’s rockers,” they say.

Šank Rock is one of the most famous Slovenian rock bands that recorded 13 studio albums and produced many unforgettable hits like Pravljica o mavričnih ljudeh, Metulj, Jaz nimam noč za spanje, Hitro drugam, Ker te ljubim, Vzemi ali pusti, Delam, kar paše mi, Dej se mal nasmej; and now also Restart, Ni sreče brez R’n’R’ and the title song of this year’s album Nekaj več.

Šank Rock is an eternal positive optimist, also on the new album Nekaj več, on which they worked together with the author and producer Bor Zuljan. The album brings back their melodic AOR that made them famous during their three-and-a-half decades and that made them an important part of Slovenian rock history.

Šank Rock - Restart