The Allergies

Stage Malt

DJs Moneyshot & Rackabeat from Bristol, since 2012 also known as The Allergies, chose a mixture of recognisable old sounds, renewed with modern production techniques. They had many successful performances in European clubs, released three EPs and last year also their debut album As We Do Our Thing featuring Andy Cooper from the US hip hop group Ugly Duckling.

They received two Mixmag Tune of the Month awards and their album was placed third on the iTunes his hop album charts. »Grand, lively, with lots of funk!« as described by the producer Craig Charles from BBC 6 radio.

On Friday, the Malt stage will be beating with funk, soul, disco, hip-hop and breakbeat!

The Allergies na festivalu Pivo in cvetje Laško 2017
The Allergies - Rock Rock (feat. Andy Cooper) [Official Video]