Level 42

Stage Zlatorog

The eighties and nineties are two decades that many consider the best in music history. Level 42 with their virtuoso Mark King take us back to the last years of the previous millennium with many hits like The Sun Goes Down Hot Water, Something About You, Leaving Me Now, Lessons in Love, Running in the Family, Heaven in My Hands … Their discography includes twelve albums, of which the latest, Sirens, was released in 2013.

The band’s bass player, songwriter and lead singer Mark King introduced the »slap« style of playing bass in pop music. He is also known by the fact that the record label Polydor insured his thumb for three million pounds when signing a contract with him in 1987 – which was partially a publicity stunt and partly for real.

Level 42, named after the “meaning of life, the universe and everything” from the  Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, retired in the second half of the nineties for a couple of years, but they returned in 2001. In the fourth decade of their existence, they are at their peak and they perform only at the most prestigious festivals around the world. V Slovenia, they will perform exclusively and for the first time on the Zlatorog stage. We can expect spectacular popfunk and great fun!

Level 42 na festivalu Pivo in cvetje Laško 2017
Level 42 - LIVE Full Concert 2016