Information for Visitors

Organisers are giving their best to make sure that you will feel as comfortable as possible in Laško and that there will be as little logistic and traffic challenges as possible. That is why we kindly ask you to read these instructions for travelling to Laško and staying at the camp.

Exchanging tickets for festival wristbands

At the entrance, you will exchange your ticket for a festival wristband for one or three days, which will enable you to have access to the inner festival area.

Festival area

To enable more efficient and undisturbed implementation of necessary safety and entry measures, we divided the festival area into the wider and the narrow area.

The best way to travel to Laško is by train

Traveling to Laško by train is safe, comfortable and it does not take very long. The train station in Laško is only two minutes away from the town centre, which makes arriving by train pretty easy. Slovenske železnice (the Slovenian railroad company), our long-standing partner, will this year again increase the number of trains going to Laško with more exit points, while keeping the prices of tickets as low as ever.

Items not allowed in the venue

To the festival area, it is not allowed to bring any kind of weapons, pyrotechnics, chains, glass, food or beverages, plastic bottles, audio or video recording devices, telescope selfie sticks, drones and other electronically steered devices, laser lights and large umbrellas with a pointed tip. Animals are also not allowed!

Plan of Venues

If you come to Laško by car, please follow security guards’ directions. Camping this year is again organized in Jagoče, where you can upgrade your festival experience by participating in different sports and fun games.


Road blocks during the festival enable the festival activities to be performed as planned. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience, and to respect the instructions. For fast and simple solutions, follow the directions and instructions given by our traffic controllers and other authorised persons.

Traffic arrangement and parking

This year, traffic arrangement will be even better, making the arrival by car even more simple, safe and visitor-friendly. Nonetheless, we advise all drivers and passengers to be patient and follow the instructions given by our traffic controllers and authorised persons.


Camping during the festival is a fun experience and an opportunity for a friendly get-together, family time, hanging out in couples, etc. The organisers will make sure that you are never bored. It takes only five minutes by foot to get to the stages, but at the same time the camp is just at the right distance to have its own rhythm and live its own life.


Check festival prices, pre-sale benefits and discounts for groups and families.

Wide selection of souvenirs of the Pivo in cvetje Laško festival

During the festival, we invite you to TIC Laško and their stand in the town centre and the Rainbow Land (Mavrična dežela). There you can get T-shirts, chocolate with beer, shopping bags, hats, backpacks, keychains, magnets, glasses, beer jugs, bags and much more!

Tourist-Information Centre Laško

In the Laško town centre, there is an information centre for the tourist destination Laško – the confluence of good. Besides numerous tourist publications available for free, there are also many souvenirs, promotional products of Pivovarna Laško and local specialties and products available for sale.

Mobile devices

We will make sure all of the visitors will be able to charge their mobile phones, tablets and other portable electronic devices.