Frequently asked questions


1. Is there an entrance fee for the festival?

Yes, there is an entrance fee for the Pivo in cvetje Laško festival in the amount of 15 euro per person. This is the full price that can be reduced under certain purchase conditions. Please read our answers hereafter and choose your most favourable offer.

2. Will there be any pre-sale of tickets?

Yes, you can buy tickets in advance and get a discount of up to 30 percent.

3. What about ticket packs or family tickets?

We are introducing a so-called »6-pack« where you buy 5 tickets and get the 6th ticket for free. Families also get a special discount: all kids up to 16 years of age who are accompanied by at least one of their parents can enter for free.

4. Why is there an entrance fee, since there was no entrance fee in previous years?

The festival is evolving, developing, growing, and becoming more international and popular, both regarding the musicians and the visitors. Our goal is to make the festival organisationally even more visitor-friendly and to raise the quality of the festival in the future. Not only in the field of music, where we made substantial improvements in the last few years, but also in the accompanying programme, cuisine and hospitality – we want to raise the level of experiencing the festival to a lever never before seen in Slovenia.

5. Why did you raise the entrance fee from last year’s 2 euros for all days of the festival to 15 euros for one day?

This year’s entrance fee (without any discount) is 15 euro per day per an adult. This means that our festival is still the cheapest and offers significantly more for the paid entrance fee than any other comparable festivals in Europe. And we can add another comparison: the entrance fee for a single concert for any of the performing acts in line-up is also higher. At out festival, this fee, which can be further reduces with special offers, enables a visitor to see more than 15 concerts every day.

6. What will the entrance fee be used for?

The entrance fees will cover part of costs of the organiser.

7. Where can I buy tickets?

We recommend buying tickets in advance in which case you can save up to 30% and avoid waiting. You can buy tickets online at or using the Moje karte ticket-sale system for example at Petrol and OMV petrol stations. There will also be a few ticket-sale points at the key entrances into Laško, but there is a possibility of long waiting lines. We recommend that you buy tickets in advance, which is both cheaper and more comfortable.

8. When is the start of ticket sales and when does the pre-sale period end?

You can start buying tickets from 16 May. The first pre-sale period with over 30% discount will end on 31 May, the second pre-sale period with 20% discount will end on 30 June, and the last pre-sale period with 10% discount will end only two days before the festival on 11 July. The same discounts also apply to 3-day tickets.

9. How will the tickets be checked and how will you avoid waiting times for entering the festival venues?

On all entry points in Laško, there will be ticket controls and security checks, because we want to ensure the safety of our visitors in accordance with the newest safety recommendations.


10. What is the price for parking?

Price for parking is really symbolic and is only 3 euros per vehicle per day. The parking fee is only payable on site and it is paid upon arrival. If a driver leaves the parking area and then returns later that day, the parking fee will be charged again. If a driver leaves his/her vehicle in the parking area over the night or all three days of the festival, he/she only pays the parking fee once.

11. What is this year’s price for camping?

The price for camping is fixed and is 10 euro per person, no matter if you stay one, two or three days. The price is always 10 euro.

12. Are there any novelties at the camp?

There will be some positives novelties at the camp this year – these will be disclosed gradually.


13. How will you prevent underage drinking?

Pivovarna Laško Union is a socially responsible company and it especially wants to raise the awareness of young people and does not encourage minors into drinking alcohol. At the festival, in cooperation with the municipality of Laško and the local pubs, we will strictly follow the laws that prevent serving alcohol to minors. At the entrance points, our security personal will also remove any alcohol, because we want to reduce underage drinking at the event.


14. How will you take care of the locals?

We organise the festival in cooperation and for the inhabitant of Laško. This is their biggest and most well-known tourist event that internationally promotes the destination of Laško, which also received the EDEN 2013 award. We are aware that during the festival, the life of locals gets turn upside down. The town gets lively, nights are loud and lifestyle changes. This is why locals receive special advantages with a separate entrance regime. We will soon provide more information, but the most impatient locals can already get all the information they require at our STIK office.