Avsenikov tercet

Stage Jubilejnik

Avsenik – who doesn’t know this name and their hits like Prelepa Gorenjska; Tam, kjer murke cveto; Moj rodni kraj; Prelepa Gorenjska; Na mostu; Spomin; Slovenija, od kod lepote tvoje…

Our festival will bring back some of the best moments from the history of the Avsenik ensemble – the Avsenik Trio will this time feature Jožica Svete, who sung with the Avsenik ensemble for full seventeen years; Joži Kališnik, who performed with them since 1982; and of course Alfi Nipič, their leading voice from 1974 to 1990 when the band stopped performing. Records of the Avsenik brothers’ ensemble were published on over 120 different sound recording carriers; they sold over 31 million copies of records and tapes and they wrote over 700 songs; all over the world, more than 10,000 artists are imitating their style of music and over 150 Avsenik fan clubs were established all around Europe.

Jožica Svete, Joži Kališnik and Alfi Nipič, accompanied by Alfi’s ensemble, will bring back the memory of the golden years of the most successful Slovenian band of all times.