Stage Special

Son cubano, cumbia, bolero and especially salsa are the main source of inspiration for the Cubaneros, whose members come from Argentina, Cuba and Croatia. Mario Penton (keyboards), Pablo Vitali (guitar), Krešimir Tomec (bass guitar), Zdravko Tabain (drums), Darko Sedak Benčić (trumpet) and the charismatic singer Sofija Široka will present lively South-American rhythms. The band exists since 2012 and they are also famous for cooperating with other musicians and bands.

Salsa, which means a sauce, is a mixture of different influences that accompanied this dace and it comes from Cuba. Because of its demanding music rhythms, salsa is a real challenge for all dancers, but it is also very interesting because of its continuous development and constantly new combinations of sexy moves. Since Sofija is also a salsa dance teacher, we can expect a hot introduction into the Friday evening on the Special stage.

Cubaneros - El cuarto de tula