Bombaj štampa

Stage Zlatorog

Bombaj štampa is a band from Bosnia and Herzegovina that was established in Sarajevo in 1982. Their beginnings were somewhat limited by the movie career of their lead singer and guitar player Branko Đurić – Đuro and their debut album Bombaj štampa was only released in 1987. After the second album Ja mnogo bolje letim sam (1990), all band activities stopped until 2010 because war broke out. In 2010, the bend got together again and recorded their third album Neka DJ odmah dole CJ.

The band features its founding members Branko Đurić Đuro and the guitar player Nedim Babović, and also the bass player Erni Mendillo and drummer Dragan Bajić. With their name, the band predicted the current term »fake news«: the term »bombati« (to bomb; which meant to lie, to make up) at that time initiated the movement called Novi primitivizam (the New Primitivism). Their performance at the festival will be their first real performance in Slovenia.

Nedim - Bombaj Stampa - Official video