Prismojeni Profesorji Bluesa

Stage Zlatorog

Prismojeni profesorji bluesa are one of the rare local bands that reached a high status among critics and fans even before their debut album came out – just as it is supposed to be in rock.

Their first album Family was published in March last year and during their promotion of the album, they sold out their events in Kino Šiška and in Križanke, and then they went on a three-month tour across the USA. In April this year, they released a double live album from their concert in Križanke.

If you like fast blues with strong rock ‘n’ roll energy and virtuosic guitar and harmonica elements, you should not miss Prismojeni profesorji bluesa at the beginning of the Friday evening on the Zlatorog stage!

Wacky Blues Professors (Prismojeni) - Hard Rock Cafe Memphis