Jan Plestenjak

Stage Jubilejnik

Jan Plestenjak is one of the most popular and prolific Slovenian musicians and a perfectionist with a clear vision and more than two decades of fruitful music creation. Jan is not only a singer and songwriter; he is also a guitar player that went to the Berkley College of Music in Boston and to the Music Conservatorium in Klagenfurt.

At the start of his music career, at the beginning of the nineties, he announced his recognisable style by releasing his third album Pogrešal te bom. He also writes songs for other artists. His thirteen released albums include many hits of which some will surely also be heard on the Jubilejnik stage: Moja ljubica, Tvoj song, Roža sredi Sahare, Iz pekla do raja, Sam da ti maš mene rada, Soba 102, Lepa, Ona sanja o Ljubljani, Stara dobra, Prelepa za poraz and Iz zadnje vrste – the newest hit from his latest album Dvigni krila.

This year, he also received the Slovenian “Voice of the Year” music award by Žaromet. Lately, Jan is also very successful in the Oberkreiner genre – his latest hit is the song Kok nam je luštn featuring Zdenko Cotič and the bands Modrijani and Poskočni muzikanti – and considering that he will perform on the Jubilejnik stage on the same evening as Modrijani, we will surely also hear this song live!

Jan Plestenjak - Prelepa Za Poraz (Official Video)
Coto, Jan Plestenjak, Modrijani in Poskočni muzikanti - Kok nam je luštn
Coto, Jan Plestenjak, Modrijani in Poskočni muzikanti - Kok nam je luštn