Stage Jubilejnik

The four-member band is permanently at the top of Slovenian Oberkrainer music charts since the year 2000 and nobody has come even close to them, not regarding the sales of their eight albums nor regarding their amazing ticket sales for their concerts, especially for the famous Noč Modrijanov in Celje. Besides playing Oberkrainer music, the cousins Rok and Blaž Švab and the brothers Peter and Franjo Oset also sing a cappella Slovenian folk music.

The band managed to bring some freshness into its musical expression and they cooperate with numerous Slovenian folk musicians and other popular authors like Jan Plestenjak, Čuki and Adi Smolar. Their song Ti moja rožica and their album with the same title stayed in SloTop 30 album charts for over three years, and their album Moja is also among the best sellers.

Modrijani were also able to blurry the boundaries between Slovenian folk and pop music and they always bring lots of fun to all generations.

Modrijani - Rock me
Coto, Jan in Modrijani - En poljub (official video)