In their two decades, Dan D already showed many different faces, each turning in a different direction and each more original than the other. They use their knowledge of the past and they strike their roots also into the future.

The band formed in 1996 and after their acoustic album Tiho (2013) they returned to their rock beginnings with their seventh studio album DNA D, and also added some experimental elements. Their rich musical experience successfully transforms into original adult rock, which until now brought them eight albums, numerous awards and hits like Ko hodiš nad oblaki, Roke, Voda, Čas, Za naju punca, Pozitivne misli and Kozlam.

Dan D is also one of the few local bands that on stage, besides their studio version, are able to create totally different versions of their songs, according to the occasion – they can turn from unusual musicians that play on strange instruments to rockers with a long list of hits every local knows by hearth!

Dan D - Pozitivne misli