Špicikuc Orchestra

Stage Special

The beginnings of Špičikuc Orchestra reach to the year 2000. It is an instrumental and vocal band of twenty musicians that proves that big stories can also appear in small villages. Most of their members come from the village Sv. Peter nad Dragonjo, but the orchestra can be easily compared to other great big bands. One of the initiators of the band was the flute player Gordana Buh who in 2005 took over the leadership of the band. Arrangements are made by the arranger, trombonist and keyboard player Vid Žgajner.

Band: Karin Zemljič Katja Sever and Sandra Feketija (vocals); Tadej Špeh (percussions), Vid Žgajner (keyboards, arrangements), Rok Felicijan (saxophone), Peter Majdič (saxophone), Jani Turk (baritone), Mateja Forte (flute), Matjaž Kajzer (trumpet), Boris Majcen (trumpet), Niko Mally (trumpet), Sandi Štor (trumpet), Boris Holešek (bass), Andrej Grižon (guitar), Timi Eler (drums); Gordana Buh (conductress).

The name of the band represents the sound of titmice. The mostly play funk, pop, rock and instrumental and vocal jazz covers. Their performance radiates positive energy that makes everybody dance.

Špičikuc Orchestra - Hot House Ball (Live)
Špičikuc Orchestra-Come Together (Live)