Riblja čorba

Stage Zlatorog

Riblja čorba is a Serbian band from the time when records were sold in hundred thousand copies (like their debut album Kost u grlu that reached the number of 120.000 copies). Almost four decades have passed since then and in the meantime they sold out many concerts, released seven live albums, biographies and a collection of poems, and received some of the most respected music awards of the region.

The controversial Bora Đorđević has settled down after his notorious statements after the collapse of the former Yugoslavia and his relationship brought him to Ljubljana where he now lives. He is still a coffee house philosopher who dwells in the past, but he is still an author worth listening to, even if you disagree with him.

After twenty-two albums in the past, their discography has very much changed in the last years, but their concerts are still full, especially thanks to their many hits that can never fit in a single performance! But of course we can hope that they will perform hits like Na zapadu ništa novo, Amsterdam, Nemoj da ideš mojom ulicom, Pogledaj dom svoj anđele, Volim volim volim žene, Ostani đubre do kraja.

Riblja Čorba | Lutka sa naslovne strane, BG Beer fest 2015