Ugly Kid Joe

Stage Zlatorog

The sound of Ugly Kid Joe, rockers from the Californian Isla Vista, is influenced by the varied local music environment with just enough hard rock and metal, but also funk, rap and trash.

We probably know them most by their hit Everything About You (also on the Wayne’s World movie soundtrack) and the cover of Cat’s in the Cradle by the folk singer Harry Chapin. They also cooperate a lot with other artists like Lemmy and Phil Campbell from Mötorhead. Their latest album Uglier Than They Used ta Be was released two years ago.

The frontman and the icon of the band is their singer Whitfield Crane, and he is accompanied by the guitar players Klaus Eichstadt, Dave Fortman, Sonny Mayo and Chris Catalyst, bass player Cordell Crockett, and percussionists Shannon Larkin and Zac Morris. No real rocker should miss their performance!

Ugly Kid Joe feat. Phil Campbell - Under The Bottom (Official Video)