Big band Laško in Nuška Drašček

Stage Special

Big Band Laško is mostly composed of local musicians. Nuška Drašček does not any special introduction since her win at the singing competition Bodi idol (2004), being the lead vocal of Perpetuum Jazzile, and having a successful solo career.

At the end of 2009, she released her first album Svet je tvoj. As a soloist, she cooperated with many bands and local dance orchestras, and she performed on numerous local and foreign festivals and received many awards. In April this year, Slovenian music fans chose her song Tak dan as the best popular song of the year.

Her show together with BB Laško will be a brief insight into her rich repertoire and her favourite popular song, including foreign and local hits.

Nuška Drašček - Tak dan (zmagovalna skladba Popevke 2017)