San Di Ego

Stage Zlatorog

San Di Ego, the Slovenian superband of experienced rockers, who previously played in a series of bands like Requiem, Billysi, Samson, Lunapark, Babilon and Mary Rose, this year celebrated their fourth birthday, which was combined with the promotion of their second album Doktor za Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Singer Sergej Škofljanec, guitar player Matic Ajdič, bass player Martin Rozman and drummer Jure Doles formed their band in 2013. After their first recordings of songs Zadnji cent and Sonce je tam, kjer si ti, they released a great hard rock cover of the Bee Gees’ hit Stayin’ Alive that brought them many fans from abroad. Then they covered the hit Julija by Aleksander Mežek and continued this practice when covering the major hit from the eighties Touch Me by Samantha Fox. You will be able to hear classical hard rock with Sergej’s trademark vocals live on the Zlatorog stage. They will be joined by the exclusive guest Samantha Fox who will be performing in a rock band for the first time ever!

San Di EGO - "TOUCH ME" (30th anniversary by Samantha Fox)
Doktor Za Rock'n'Roll