Stage Jubilejnik

Positive energy, charisma on stage, high quality performance and a long list of hits are the main characteristics that keep Kingston at the top of Slovenian pop music for more than twenty years now. Besides releasing nine studio albums and one live album, they are also three-time winners of the MMS festival and they received three Slovenian Golden Rooster music awards.

They are one of the most popular Slovenian bands with lots of hits, including Cela ulica nori, Hotel modro nebo, Tam tam tam, Tri prste tekile, Luna nad obalo, Izgubiva se lahko v noč, Kocka je padla nate, Non stop. They are still top favourites for any student and other festival or party – mostly thanks to their long stage mileage, because these guys hold approximately one hundred concerts every year.

Reno, Zvone, Dare, Klemen and Dejan will get you on your feet right after the fireworks on the last day of the festival!

Kingston-Kocka je padla nate