Izzy and the Catastrophics

Stage Special

Imagine a mixture of rock ‘n’ roll, swing, surf, honky-tonk and bebop – this is exactly what you get from the band Izzy and the Catastrophics.

Their influences include names like Chuck Berry, Django Reinhardt, Bad Brains and Hank Williams. This New York band plays over 250 concerts every year, they enjoy their constant contact with fans and their dynamic music always raises audiences to their feet.

Besides the frontman, guitar player and singer Izzy Zaidman, the band also includes Emiliano Vernizzi (tenor saxophone), Lucas Warford (bass) and newly also the Slovenian drummer Gašper Bertoncelj who lives in Tel Aviv.

Izzy and the Catastrophics na festivalu Pivo in cvetje Laško 2017
IZZY AND THE CATASTROPHICS - I Hate my Baby Mama (official video)