Chiki Lora

Stage Special

»When you do something right, with care and love, the result is excellent«, said the guitar player, singer and composer Chiki Lora, also a member of the well-known Spanish band Canteca de Macao.

Last year, he released solo album Sumando featuring »a selection of songs that just had to be released «. During his first performances in Berlin, he received only the best critics and he is very successful in Europe. In Spain, he is one of the biggest music stars.

Chiki Lora and his band of top Spanish musicians present a sound mixture of salsa, rumba and flamenco, with a pinch of soul and rock ’n’ roll, and full of dance energy. They promise a hot closure of the evening on the Special stage.

ENREDOS - Chiki Lora (DIrecto Café Berlín)
TÚ Y YO - Chiki Lora (Directo Café Berlín)