1 day
3 days
Full price
1 - 11 July
10 %
1 - 30 June
20 %
16 - 31 May
>30 %
Family discount
Kids under the age of 16 can enter for free if accompanied by at least one parent. Attention – kinds under the age of 16 who are not accompanied by an adult have to buy a ticket.
Group discount
If you buy 5 tickets in advance you get 1 ticket for free. This applies both to 1-day and 3-day tickets.
Parking *
€3/vehicle – payable only on site
Bus parking *
€10/person – price for camping is per person and is the same for one or three nights in the camp; camping plots for tents are not charged separately

*Price for parking is for one time parking. If a vehicle leaves the parking area and return later (even if on the same day), the parking fee needs to be paid again.
*If a vehicle stays in the parking area over the night or all days of the festival, the parking fee is only charged once.

Changes and cancellation of programme

1. The organiser reserves the right to change the programme without prior notice.

2. Ticket refunds are possible in case of cancellation of the programme or a part of the programme. Buyers of single-day tickets, upon their request, receive a refund in case of cancellation of at least 40 % of the announced programme for the day for which the ticket was bought. If requested by the buyers, the refund for three-day tickets shall be possible if the whole festival is cancelled or if the cancellation represents at least 40% of the planned programme, in which case the buyers receive a refund in proportion to the cancelled programme for all three days of the festival.

3. In case of cancellation of the whole festival or a part of the programme, the organiser shall publish the refund procedure on this website within 5 days after the last day of the festival.