STREET HUSTLE with the Laško Brass Band and the Majorettes of Laško

The Laško Brass Band cultural society is a symbiosis of many generations who deliver over 60 performances every year. The society has more than 150 members and includes three sections.

Brass Band

The origins of the Laško Brass Band go back to the year 1862, which makes them one of the oldest brass bands in Slovenia. The band has more than 70 members and is among the most successful Slovenian brass
bands. They are also one of the few brass bands that perform a show programme and they are the national champions in this category.


The group of majorettes formed in 1989. There are three age groups, of which the youngest includes 7-year olds, and the oldest and the most successful 25-year old performers. They are a constant companion of the Laško Brass Band and they perform all around Slovenia and abroad. They regularly participate at national and European competitions where they are very successful. They are 9-time national champions and they are among the best at the European level.

Drum Squad

The third section of the society is the Drum Squad. They are one of few drum bands in the region and they are an indispensable addition in all major performances, parades and the show programme. They already
cooperated with well-known Slovenian artists like Elvis Jackson and Manouche, and they regularly appear on the biggest Slovenian festival and other events.
At this year’s festival, the local brass band, majorettes and drum squad will again inspire all visitors with their marches and the unforgettable show programme – every day of the festival.