Fire and Water Multimedia Show – The Celts

The Pivo in cvetje Laško Festival has some unique shows in its programme that make it a very special music festival. Probably the biggest visual spectacle is the Fire and Water Multimedia Show as titled by the organisers at the 10th anniversary of the show. All the previous nine shows were unique and featured original music and stories written especially for this occasion, and it will remain so also in the future.

The new generation of stories that represent a fusion of the former water symphony and the fiery interactive show also inspired the new name “Fire and Water Multimedia Show”. The design is developed for five years in advance and the first show will represent the life and influence of Celts in the local region.

The content of the first part is based on historical facts and refers to the earliest records of the native inhabitants of the area where Laško stands today on the arrival of Celts who brought new technology, metal and the development of the market. These records also for the first time mention a drink that was brewed from barley and mead and that is considered to be the predecessor of the later drink brewed from barley and hops – beer.

In the second part, the story on Celts becomes a real show that gradually includes and intensifies sound and visual effects, video animations on a LED matrix, lasers, fire, pyrotechnical effects, water jets…
Because of the unique character, there will be two shows this year: the first on Friday, 14 July, and the second on Saturday, 15 July; both at 10 pm.

On Saturday, like every year, the show will also be broadcasted live on Radio Celje and through a special live stream. The link will be published in time on official communication channels of the festival. The Saturday show will additionally also include fireworks from the Tabor castle.

The show will be very inspirational for everyone who values creativity and exceptional artistic achievements. This highlight of the festival enables visitors to experience the best from two different worlds – art and technology.