Sixty-five thousand times thank you

The organisers of the festival were pleased after the conclusion of the 53rd festival. Pivo in cvetje continues to gain its great reputation. The programme was executed accurately to the minute and its contents were as rich as ever. Even the introduction of the entry fee did not keep the real fans of the festival away.

We are staying true to our strategy of addressing all generations and all kinds of music genres. We are still maintaining a close relationship with the local environment and we are preserving and safeguarding traditions. We pay special attention to our youngest and families, and we offer fun for all generations and all kinds of sports, entertainment and creative and educational contents. Due to the new entrance fee, the number of visitors was, as expected, slightly lower, but still a lot higher than according to some predictions. On all festival days from Thursday to Sunday, 65.000 visitors came to the festival and we could see an increase in the number of foreign visitors. Pivo in cvetje Laško is therefore still the biggest tourist-music event in Slovenia. And next year, it will be even bigger.