In 1927, Laško already possessed market rights for 700 years and it was time to take another step forward. The most influential market people wrote a polite letter to their ruler, King Aleksander I. Karađorđević, who granter their request and on 17 July 1927 a decree was passed based on which Laško became a town and the inhabitants of Laško became townsfolk.

This event was also extensively covered by the newspaper Slovenec in a special supplement. This gave new impetus to Laško. In the following years, a water distribution system was built, all main roads were paved, an elegant fence was fitted along the Savinja river, and the building Sokolski dom was constructed at the riverside. The town also decided to invest in tourism. The Town Embellishment Society constructed a big tourist map of the town. The population of Laško was 1084.

At the 90th anniversary, the locals will focus their ethno programme on the time when Laško became a town. On the scene in front of the bank, members of Zveza Možnar will show different customs and traditions, and how life was in 1927. Through three themes, they will connect the young town with its surrounding environment. Each evening, the lively programme will be concluded with singing.

Come and travel back in time with us to the year 1927 when Laško Dravske Banovine was still part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

Etno v duhu obletnice