THE ALPINE SAGA – Musical with music of the band Agropop

He was number one in his village. But now he will leave his village girlfriend who adores him and try to win over a city girl who is ashamed of him. He will leave behind his parents and a big farm to steal the thunder. He will do anything to become great and famous in the grand city of Ljubljana. Beware, Franček is coming!

This incredibly funny musical was made based on music by the band Agropop, which is deeply rooted in the hearts and memories of Slovenians. It inspired a story that shows how things go in our country.

Duration: 2 hours and 20 minutes with a 15 minute break.

Author: Desa Muck
Director: Jure Ivanušič
Main roles: Tilen Artač, Ana Maria Mitić, Jernej Čampelj, Kristina Mišovič, Andreja Sonc / Anja Strajnar and an 11-member dancing and singing ensemble
Producer: Aleš Klinar
Executive Producer: Gorazd Slak
Co-producer and Exclusive Distributer: Špas teater

Information and ticker reservations: TIC Laško, +386 3 733 89 50,